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Permanent or termed licenses – to fit your IT investment


The time is right to optimize your IT strategy for 3D and advanced reading. Why should you invest your budget all at once, when you can pay one by one for all? With syngo.via imaging software, we provide a solution which fits your investment plan and budget.
It is easy to expand syngo.via imaging software as your business grows. For example, you can start with a set of applications for a dedicated modality or clinical field and add further applications as needed, for example if you want to integrate a new clinical field into your portfolio of medical services. In short: syngo.via adapts to your institutionʼs development.

Purchase permanent licenses

The conventional method for purchasing your syngo.via solution is to invest in permanent licences, that is in licenses which you own completely and without limitation. In short: you pay one time and use it all the time, while your running costs are reduced to services like maintenance and training. 


Subscribe to termed licenses

With the subscription model you can get syngo.via Enterprise imaging software in a more comfortable way. You don't buy, you subscribe. This means: instead of a one-time initial investment, payments are distributed throughout the term of the contract runtime.

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