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Beyond PACS

Your access to 3D, mobile viewing, and VNA.

Today’s PACS solutions are productivity tools to support your clinical goals. Here’s what it takes to make your PACS a powerful image management platform.

Your PACS must help maximize your productive time

Complete procedures faster, saving time by/with

  • Fast image access with high loading performance
  • Quick and easy access to image mark-ups through the unique Findings Navigator
  • Options for 3D/4D, Mammography, DSA, and more at one workplace
  • Tight No-click integration to Advanced Visualization for efficient 3D/4D reading


Make your life easier through:

  • Robust and intuitive user interface
  • Personalized tools (e.g. SmartSelect) and display layouts to match individual preferences
  • Automatic series synchronization at opening process
  • Synchronized zoom even across current and prior examinations
  • The Patient Jacket shows the patient’s history at a glance – including prior exams, reports, and DICOM Structured Reports
  • Comprehensive worklist filtering including RIS-fields


Reading reliability by using 3D technology1 in your PACS

  • Region Growing – for improved diagnostic results
  • Image Fusion – for increased diagnostic confidence
  • Automatic removal of non-relevant structures
  • Automatic Spine/ Rib labeling – for fast and easy anatomical orientation
  • Automatic alignment of current and prior examinations
  • Speeds up the workflow by automating and standardizing reconstructions and views
  • Improves consistency in image reconstruction and presentation


mobile access

Mobile access anywhere2 through:

  • Full reading capability with complete feature set, including advanced applications
  • Off-site comfort with “on-site performance” and easy deployment
  • Collaboration mode in ResolutionMD3 offers secure sharing of clinical images, and ad-hoc image and report sharing at conferences and meetings
  • ResolutionMD HTML5 user interface with adaptive screen size layout and context adaptive menu
  • Viewing RIS reports in ResolutionMD can be configured for your individual needs.


Your PACS must allow flexible and cost-effective image access

Cost-effective image access

Cost-effective image access with syngo.plaza Web clients: 

  • Variable compression loading for faster image viewing
  • Browser independent
  • No Admin rights for installation required



Intuitive and easy to work:

  • Same intuitive user interface as the reporting client for radiologists makes training easy
  • Support of two displays
  • Access to surgical planning software (mediCAD4)


Dedicated archiving solutions

Dedicated archiving solutions

  • A departmental archiving, scalable from a single to multiple departments: DICOM Archive
  • Radiology archiving that integrates different radiological departments for PACS imaging consolidation across an entire enterprise: DICOM VNA
  • Multi-specialty archiving solution that consolidates enterprise-wide radiological and clinical data: Universal VNA


syngo.plaza is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons it’s future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

1 syngo.plaza 3D+ is a product deployment which combines syngo.plaza with syngo.via 3D functionality. Please refer to your sales representative whether the product is available for your country.

2 Prerequisites include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements and adherence to local data security regulations.

3 Calgary Scientific Inc. is the legal manufacturer of ResolutionMD. It presents the zero footprint mobile and Web solution for image and report viewing. It is FDA cleared for diagnostic use by trained professionals on capable monitors and on validated iOS and Android devices.

4 Option. mediCAD is a medical device of Hectec GmbH, Landshut, Germany. mediCAD currently is not available in all countries.

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