BEP III System

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BEP III System
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The BEP® III System and the Enzygnost® and Novagnost® reagents build the proven and reliable solution for specialty infectious disease testing, including retrovirus (HIV), hepatitis, bacteria, fungi, parasites, worms and the complete range for ToRCH.

The BEP III System is known as an extremely reliable system for automated microtitration plates (MTP) processing: From incubation and washing through reagent pipetting and result evaluation.

The BEP III System ensures a high level of safety with reagent identification, continuous monitoring of individual components inside the system and enhanced documentation of individual processing steps.

It can be connected to the Quadriga BeFree® System to manage really high volume, ideal for blood banks and blood donor screening.

Find more features and benefits of the combination of Novagnost, Enzygnost and the BEP III System:

Performance that improves lab efficiency

  • Runs ELISA tests fully automated (including incubation, reagent dispensing, washing and photometric reading including automated validation and evaluation)
  • Achieves a high throughput with up to 10 MTPs in parallel
  • Loads MTPs continously
  • Allows to load up to 20 different reagents
  • Reduces manual steps and operator intervention
  • Pipettes reagents from original bottles
  • Monitors reagent volumes  

Flexibility to enhance laboratory organization

  • Standardized interface to sample pipetting systems
  • Networking capability to LIS System
  • Easy adaptation to specific needs: traceability of important operation steps

Safety and reliability

  • Initialization self-check
  • Standardized and automated validation of system components
  • Barcode system for reagents and plates
    - Integrated barcode reader for strip identification
    - Identification of assay and reagent lot number
  • Reagents and microtiter plates identification
  • Automated level detection and monitoring of all reagent and system liquids

Integrated quality management

  • Delivers accurate and reliable results
    - Positive reagent identification
    - Disposable tips to eliminate carryover
  • Meets safety standards and GLP requirements
    - In-process control and documentation of individual processing steps
    - Integrated QC for the monitoring of positive and negative controls
    - Automated validation procedure to check key functions
  • Provides flexible and clear documentation:
    - Positive process reports, validation records
    - Service and maintenance log
    - Documentation of validation
  • Easy to use
    - Graphical intuitive user-interface 

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