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eHealth Portals and Applications

Helps you to provide successful health information exchange

Medical consultations independent of time and place
eHealth Solutions support online cross-institutional teleconsultations with several clinical specialists on one platform and with one set of data. The medical collaboration across institutional borders can enhance the quality of the treatment process by pushing specialty boundaries and combining the best expertise for the patient. It allows:

  • Access to the relevant data in a common database for all participants

Benefits at a glance

  • Straightforward processes and easy collaboration across the borders of institutions
  • User-friendly request and reporting forms save precious time
  • Just one tool for several expertises (lab, radiology, stroke, screening, 2nd opinion, etc.) facilitates work
  • Smooth integration into existing system landscape
  • Moving only the data and not the patients or specialists increases patient efficiency and quality of care
  • Easy exchange of expert knowledge with specialized medical centers
  • Can help increase patient safety and treatment quality


Find out more here:

eHealth Teleconsultation – Use case Prostate Carcinoma
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