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eHealth Portals and Applications

Helps you to provide successful health information exchange

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A successful health information exchange between stakeholders and having all relevant patient information at hand are essential for effective treatment planning.

Siemens Healthineers eHealth Solutions help making good care available by involving healthcare providers, as well as patients into the communication.

Everyone involved in the care process can gain access to relevant data via dedicated portals, which makes synchronizing cross-institutional care easier. By providing access to a patient’s health record and past findings, eHealth Portals and Applications support:


  • Improved quality of treatment through cooperative care
  • Cost and time savings from fewer unnecessary examinations as existing patient data are centrally available
  • Efficient workflows and effortless cross-institutional communication


Portals and Applications

eHealth Solutions offer dedicated portals for patients and physicians, providing all parties involved in the care process access to the data they need. Learn more by clicking on the items:

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