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Achieve laboratory breakthroughs with IT

Designing Efficient Workflows – Convergence of Lean, Automation, and IT                  

Alistair Gammie
Tiina Makela

Alistair Gammie, Ph.D.
Global Head, Healthcare Solutions

Tiina Makela, Product Specialist
Laboratory Process and IT
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Learning Objective: How to Streamline Workflow for Business Success

In the quest for quality and efficiency, many laboratories have tried a variety of tools to improve workflow. Some have applied Lean, while others have implemented various levels of automation. In this tutorial, the authors will demonstrate how combining Lean, automation, and IT in a disciplined process of evaluation, design, implementation, and ongoing assessment can help eliminate errors due to inconsistencies in decisions and/or actions by individuals, and align with laboratory goals.

Laboratory Workflow
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